VW Golf 3 Vari


-1,9 TDI
-Motor code: 1Z
-Homemade polished pressure pipes made in 51mm stainless steel pipe.
-Exhaust made with polished 2 x 42,3mm stainless steel tailpipes for original TDI look.

-90 HK
-66 kW

-Mercedes Benz W211 Yilduz 8 x 17".
-Center painted in AMG Gray.
-New AMG center stars.

-Nangkang NS 2 185/35 R17

-TA Technix Adjustable.

-Alpine - iDA-X 100
-Original components at windshield.
-2-way components in front door.
-2-way components in backdoor.
-Infinity Bass 10" Kappa series.
-Infinity Mono block 2-chanal amplifier.
-Infinity Stereo 4-chanal amplifier.

-Original painted grill with new org. Chrome logo.
-Original painted door handles.
-Original painted protection strip on doors.
-Original painted front and back-bumper.
-Original back-bumper spoiler in satin-black.
-Original Hella headlights.
-Original Hella yellow turn signal.
-Original Hella towing eye in silver.
-Original Hella fog light in silver.
-Original Hella side turn signal in yellow.
-Original Hella red/black/red tail lights.
-Original tag-rails polished.
-Original green tinted windows all around.
-Original GT side skirts in satin-black.
-VR6 front-bumper spoiler in satin-black.
-Number plate frame removed and plate frame from Mk III hatchback welded in.
-Wiper, VW logo, keyhole and handle removed from tailgate.
-Original tailgate handle list modified, keyhole removed and welded for clean look.

-Original Bonjovi interior i blue and black fabric.
-Original Bonjovi instrumentation with silver gray discs and red pins.
-Original Bonjovi handbrake handle with blue stitches.
-Handmade gear knob with blue light from Innovative Car Tech.
-Wolfsburg Edition floor mats from Ronsdorf Autoteppiche.
-Trunk carpet with logo from Ronsdorf Autoteppiche.
-Momo Team 300mm Steering Wheel.
-Interior light made in blue light.
-Light switch made with red light.
-Blow and heater switch made with red light from Seat Ibiza II.
-Rear window switch made with red light.
-Sunroof switch made with red light.

Additional equipment :
-Color: Original LC9Z (Black Magic Metallic).
-Original cruise Control.
-Original Power sunroof
-Original adjustable headlights.
-Original comfort indicator.
-Original interval wipers
-Hornet alarm.

-The car is imported from Germany in February 2010.
-The car had driven 168.000 km.
-The car had two previous owners and service book to 100.000 km.
-The Rebuild has been made in the winter 2010-2011.
-All rust has been found and made during the rebuild.

-Special thanks to, Pede, Skov, Albeck, Kai, Mahler and all others who have helped make the project become a reality.

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