VW Golf 2 GTI G60

The project started with a std. 16 year old car with 260.000km on the clock.
The Car came to DK in 1996 from Germany. In 2000 one of my friends Rasmus bought it and he sold it to me in September 2006. So I am the 4th Owner of this car.
The Rebuild started December 2006 and 1. Stage ended Aug. 2007 after putting over 2000 man hours into it. Afterwards several things have changed into what it is today.


Here are some details about my Golf 2 GTI G60 1990.
The car has been totally renovated in 2007, it is an original G60.
So it has reinforced coach with extra stringers, thicker stabilizer bar and glued windshield.
All rust chased away, bottom panels, firewall, screen edges and window frames sandblasted.
Screen edges and window frames metallized.
All the treated areas painted with epoxy primer.
Bottom is treated with Mercedes rubber.

- PG 1.9 L 8V G60, 252,3Hk, 290 Nm
- Block drilled up to 1.9 L (82 mm cylinder) and balanced crank.
- Wössner pistons, enhanced bearings.
- 380cc/min Delphi Injectors
- New G-charger SLS RS2 enhanced, 22mm toothed belt, 65mm pulley and adjustable polished SLS belt tightener.
- The big rally intercooler, polished aluminum rectifier by idle valve.
- Ported intake manifold where outlets for carbon filter is welded, sanded and painted.
- Ported and flatend cylinder head with larger exhaust valves.
- Flowoptimized and lightned valves.
- Titanium and valvelifters and retainers.
- Schrick valve springs.
- Sharp SLS asymmetric cam 268 / 278 degrees.
- 13 rows racimex oil cooler, k & n filter.
- 30% lightened flywheel.
- VR6 sachs clutch.
- Reinforced gearbox rivets replaced with reinforced ARP bolts, Peloquin Differential, VR6 crown-tip wheel, VW Transporter 5 speed gear, painted in body color.
- Stainless 4-2-1 outlet manifold.
- 2.5 "full stainless exhaust with 3 flow pots and S exit.
- G-charger, G seems fitting, G-let nozzle, generator, oil console are glassblasted and painted.
- Valve Cover painted in body color, water-sanded logo and then clear coated.
- G-charger, G leaves taper, timing belt cover, valve cover vent and blow out excess water and cover painted in body color.
- Stainless steel screws and clamps, Stainless pressure tubes polished, stainless steel polished tubes for brake valve and ignition coil
- New plastic tanks where powerstearing oil container is painted as it only comes in green plastic.
- New generator, starter, water pump, clutch ect.

- Patrol 2003 8x16", 6x139,7 converted to 5x100
- Dunlop SP9000 195x40x16.

- KW adjustable VER. 2 suspension
- PowerFlex bushings in the crossbar, track control arms, beams, anti-roll bar and axlebeam.
- All hardware and breake calibers blasted, electro-galvanized and painted.
- Front beam, stabilizer and axle beam powder coated.
- New rubber plugs, fuel line, fuel line clamps, new brake lines and brake clamps.
- Front Brakes: S2 caliber. Zimmermann 280x22mm ventilated brake discs.
- Rear Brakes: G60 caliber Zimmermann 239x10mm ventilated brake discs.

- Alpine IDA-X100 head unit.
- 1 channel MDS DA201R digital monoblock 1x1050 WRMS.
- 4-channel MDS DA804R 4x100 WRMS.
- 3 channel scan speak revalator in front.
- 2 channel scan speak revalator in the back.
- 10 "Alpine SWX-1042D sub.
- 2 x 1 Farad AIV capacitors maxxima Exide deep cycle battery.
- Trunk lined with cream-colored upholstery, VW logo lighting.

- Mercedes AMG glossy black with copper and wine red pearl between sanded and extra clearcoat.
- Volkswagen grauweiss engine compartment, inside hood, trunk and inside of the tankcover.
- Custom made doorhandles machined of solid aluminum, painted matt black and then milled "GTI G60".
- Clean grill with Jetta list at the bottom and eye shadow on top.
- Mtech bulbs in the headlights and 6000K xenon in the fog lamps, white LEDs in pos light.
- New German fenders without indicators.
- Bumper, wheel arch extensions, side lists and rear spoiler painted.
- Smoked clear lights, fog and tail lights, LED flashes in front.
- Cleaner tailgate with welded shade, polished polo 9n dampers and LED lighting.
- The original green tinted windows.

- Electric RECARO cabin, original edition one leather gear knob all covered with black Mercedes leather, double cream colored stitching and glazing pattern in seats and doorpanels.
- Pillars and roof covered with dark gray fabric.
- Plasma Tacho slices and all instrument panel lightning changed to red.
- Voltmeter, air / fuel meter and oil pressure gauge made in the original interior look.
- Wolfsburg Edition horn lowered below the steering wheel.
- Custom made GTI G60 mats
- Momo Team steering wheel 28 and hub.

- Lea 721 2 way alarm with 3 point immobilizer.
- Programmable interval wipers
- Comfort indicator relay
- Electrical openend tailgate

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