Tommy D

VW Golf 2 GTI G60

1.9 g60 engine code pg.
- Drilled to 1.9 - MN Motor Rehabilitation A/S
- New balance bearings - MN Motor Rehabilitation A/S
- New balance bushes behind - MN Motor Rehabilitation A/S
- Forged Mahle pistons - MN Motor Rehabilitation A/S
- Cylinder head ported / polished - Renè Fredslund
- Intake manifold polished / ported - Renè Fredslund
- Supersprint manifold stainless
- 2.5 "polished complete stainless Jetex / forex group A exhaust with S departure
- Large injectors G60 (Green)
- Digifant MP 4.0
- Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor Eaton - custom made brackets and intakepart - New bearings and seals
- SLS tensioner - machined and adapted
- Golf Rallye intercooler
- Schrick 268/276 cams
- Recimex 10 ribbed oil cooler with Mocal regulator
- K & N filter
- Stainless customized tubes to the air filter (Gloss Black)
- All pipes and pressure pipes / hoses are new org. vw
- All hardware - Nickel / blue passivated or painted glossy black / color sanded
- New umbrellas, valves and lifters
- New clips
- Stainless steel clamps
- All parts are assembled with stainless bolts / screws / washers
- All hardware sand / glass blasted before treatment
- Carbon filter removed / holes filled / welded
- Throttle glass blasted - new springs and washers
- New gear connections
- Wheel axles glass blasted and nickel / blue passivated
- Gearbox enhanced / new syncromesh, bearings and seals - assembled with stainless screws + bolts
- Gearbox glass blasted / painted with Clearcoat
- New org. VR6 clutch
- New Org distributor
- New Org clutch master cylinder
- New Org brake master cylinder
- New Original Waterpump
- Refurbished Main servo pump
- New Org gearchange housing
- New Org roofing by manifold
- Lightbeam painted silk black
- New org. generator - has Clearcoat
- Fan and fan housing painted silk black
- Optima Redtop Battery
- Org Battery Bag from vw golf3 VR6 97
- New sealings in complete enginebay
All parts are original. from vw

- BBS Leman e 26 WTC magnesium 7'17, 3 pieced split rims (For race use only) - These wheels Michael Schroter used for victory with the DTC back in 2000.
Wheels are manufactured exclusively for racing.
- Cold-rolled aluminum / magnesium stars
- Painted bbs motorsport gold satin-Org bbs color
- BBS stickers on the edge
- Hidded Valves (level with rim)
- New nots, screws and O-rings from BBS motorsport

- KW Variant 2 Inox-line stainless steel coilover kit - Hardness and ride height
- Vibration absorber glass blasted / Nylon Coated in shiny black
- Subframe glass blasted / Nylon Coated in shiny black
- Carrying arms glass blasted / Nylon Coated in shiny black
- Powerflex nylon bushings complete in the entire underbody (Purple + yellow)
- All fittings Ellectro-nickled/Blue passivated
- New org. petrol filter
- New brake lines / hoses complete
- Old rubber skin sanded down / New org. rubber skin - Bottom Epoxy Coated.
- Tank Belt nickel / blue passivated
- Brake calipers glass blasted / nickel / blue passivated - Totally renovated with new pistons, sleeves, etc.
- Org foil on tail and sides.
- Org GTI badge back.
- Tie rod glass blasted and painted glossy black
- 4 piston Porsche calipers, with nickel-plated 307mm brembo discs, Caliber is painted gold bbs
- Org VR6 discs / rear hubs - Nickel / blue passivated
- Wheel hubs nickel / blue passivated

- All holes are filled and welded
- Org. CL stone list by rear fenders
- Fenders are trimmed
- Vw logo behind and rear wiper removed / filled and welded
- Bonrath one arm wiper - Glossy black
- Org CL front grill with 5 ribs (89-92) - large VW logo
- Org CL Headlights
- Org orange frontindicators
- Org taillights
- Trunk List filled and painted - automatic opening from the inside
- Org.greentinted glass all round
- Org greentinted rear window without holes
- Org 16v front spoiler
- Org CL bumpers black / black
- Lists in sunroof chrome / painted glossy black - and new lists all around / clips
- All locking mechanisms are chrome / gold
- C.U.L.T Society numberplate list
- Original Edition One Electric Recaro interior
- Original Edition One carpet in blue
- Org Editon One shelf in blue
- Original Edition One speaker stands in blue
- Original Edition One Boot and gear knob in leather
- Original Edition One handbrake in leather
- Momo Team steering wheel 300 mm with adapter
- Selca 3 way alarm with startcutoff and room sensor
- Central lock - Remote controlled
- Clarion mp3/USB 4'55 head unit with amplifier
- MDS Typhoon 10 "active bastupe - (amp / bass)
- Custom base of trunk covered with org. vw fabric.
- Jbl speakers in the doors and dashboard
- Jbl speakers in rear
- Original Edition One dashboard (soft)
- Org Board Computer
- Tripcounter reset after renovation
100% Original interior (seats, door side, carpet, hat shelf brackets, hat shelf, dashboard, Gear, Boot, headliner, etc..)

It took 2 years from start to finish to make this car around 2000 + hours! ALL screws on / in the whole car has been touched - and everything is assembled with stainless.
The car is made once and for all - so there is no compromise with anything! - The car is made in a finish that makes it like this in the next 20 years.
The car drives around to the Gatherings in Denmark - and is transported on auto trailer out of the country.

Thanks to:
Allan - all machined work and the stainless screws + div.
Rene - Machined work
Karsten - For all the good pictures
Per Schultz - for welding and exhaust
Jannek - for top / bottom of the trunk
Bjarke - for sheet metal work - R.I.P!
Skov- For help with the car in general
Baune - For help with separation and welds
Soren T - For wiring + generally
Soren S2 - for separation + workshop
Kedde - For total renovation of the motor / adjustment / + much more
Valle - Which is guilty of this car is on the street today with this very high level of finish - the car is basically built by Valle with myself on the sidelines - THANKS Valle
And thanks to everyone else who helped with one or the other

Tommy Ditlevsen - Copyright - 2006 - 2013. Traumwagen ......

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