VW Golf Mk2 GTI 16V '88

- PL engine
- Horsepower: 164 hp, measured at Aabenraa cylinder service.
- KR inlet manifold
- Schrick inlet cam
- Polished intake manifold
- Oetinger outlet manifold
- Complete Hartmann exhaust
- K&N inlet filter
- New renovated 2Y gearbox
- Reinforced differential
- Welded intake manifold, CNC machined GOLF 16V logo instead
- Wire cut and CNC machined "opener" as Dipstick
- All gear bushings specialized turned (to reduce blur)
- Cooling fluid container turned into model 91
- Servo and generator installation from Seat Ibiza `95
- All aluminum, glass blasted and painted
- Various fittings nickel-plated
- Stainless tube to idle valve
- Stainless steel rails over cooler
- Stainless screws everywhere
- Stainless steel pipes around idle valve
- Stainless steel pipes around the fan motor
- Stainless steel tubes for abs connectors
- Stainless steel lid over the battery
- Optima yellow top battery

- BBS RS 8 and 9 * 16

- 195/40-16 and 215/35-16 Dunlop SP 9000

- KW Variant 2
- All original underseal brushings is replaced with Powerflex bushings.
- All chassis parts powder coated (black)
- All screws and fittings + caliber nickel-plated
- G60 ABS brakes

- Clarion head unit
- MDS front speakers
- MDS delfilter
- MDS rear speakers
- MDS 12” Bas
- Phoenix Gold M44 amplifier
- Phoenix Gold capacitors

- G60 bumpers with fog lights
- In-pro frontindicators with position lights
- G60 Fenders
- Rally Front
- Mattig grill without VW logo
- Eye shadow (the round headlights)
- In-Pro LED side indicator (golf 4)
- In-Pro red and white taillights
- Audi door handles
- Passat sliding / tilt sunroof
- No. plate rail welded
- 16 V Aluantenna
- Windows tinted Solar (35%)
- Bonrath one-arm wiper
- Rear fenders rolled
- Streamer in the windshield

- Complete Edition blue electric Recaro interior
- Blue carpet
- Blue hat shelf
- Edition gear shift knob with lights
- Handbrake model 91
- Momo steering wheel with detachable hub
- Blue light inside the cabin bottom front and rear
- Org Central Vacuum lock
- White clock discs
- Sunroof clothing, upholstered in leather

- Chrome screen screws with etched vw logo
- Chrome Door stop screws with etched vw logo
- Chrome Door screws with CNC machined 16v logo
- ALL locks taken apart and chromed
- Chrome fire extinguisher from FK
- CNC turret bowls with cnc milled and etched KW logo
- Paint Brush Blanz logo inside the bonnet
- Alu screws with etched vw logo bonnet lock
- CNC machined adapter for low beam light from h2 to h7
- Xenon 8000K in low beam and fog lamps ..

Notes: The car is painted with Mosegaard Autolakering Bramming
Color sanded and 6 * Clearcoat (Grey / green with red pearl)
The car has been totally renovated and is parked inside in heated garage.
It took approx. 2 years to find parts, and approx. 9 months to make the car ....

Not for sale

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