The history of BLANZ8

Finn, Valle and Kristian Skjøtt decided too move together in 2004. They found a little house, where they got at room each on the top floor. There where an extra room on the ground floor, which they made in to a bar.

The had some beers one night and they talked about the bar. Per Schultz had worked on a slaughterhouse in a town called Blans. That was how they came up with the name Blans. To spice things a little bit up, they thought it was cooler with a Z instead of a S. The number 8 in the Blanz logo is from the house number the bar was located in. And the house number was a little worn and the bottom part was missing, and that had to be like that on the Blanz Logo. We later added society to the name. To be a little bit more international.

The bar was a big success from 2004 to 2005. At that period the party to be at, was a Blanz Party. The biggest party was the housewarming party, we where 70 people on 80m2. After that the parties were a success every time. The parties were so big that some people asked if they could pay with VISA Card in the bar. The local bars where not excited about the Blanz Bar, they had to close early, because almost everybody in the small town was in the Blanz bar.

The idea of a car club came in 2004 when we were going to the biggest car event in Denmark called DHB. Blanz was hired to make sure all other car clubs came in to the right places. So we could just as well make our on club at that event. So we were signed in as Blanz 8. Until 2011 Blanz was a part of planning the car club camp for the Danish people at DHB.

Every year the camp grew bigger and bigger. Blanz was known for the biggest club camp, with the best party. Best cars and always friendly people ready to help others.

The standard of Blanz Society cars is well known for high quality. We have all been interested in cars for many years. And we help each other when help is needed.