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The upcoming season.
March 15. 2015
We're alle looking forward to the 2015 season.
The first event is as usual the Wörthersee Tour. Most of us arrives at Tuesday May 5. and will stay in around 10 days.
We are of course also looking forward to the MIVW event in Holland and the Flachland Water & Air at the end of the season.
But this year we will again be arranging a BLANZ Summer Meet.
This year we have found space for around 100 more cars.
But due to a lack of space, we will start selling spaces very soon.
Once again thank you for your support!
Hope to see You all at Blanz Summer Meeting 2015 - August 15. 2015
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew

Thanks for Your support!
September 4. 2014
We want to thank all of our Sponsors, all the unpaid workers, our Mom's and Dad's, but most of all, all YOU GUYS (and girls) for Your support at our little Summer Meet.
We were overwhelmed that so many were visiting us, we had no idea! We were expecting around 150 cars, but around 12.00 o clock there were over 250 cars.
So of course we were in lack of space! We were understaffed! But worst of all, we did not have enough time to talk to you guys.
We also want to thank all of you guys who gave us feedback!
With this in mind we will go stronger next year, we are working on finding space for even more cars. We will be a lot more people to handle the tasks at hand..
But more info about this later.
Once again thank you for your support!
Hope to see You all at Blanz Summer Meeting 2015 - August 15. 2015
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew

BLANZ SOCIETY Summer Meeting 2014
August 6. 2014
With very short time until our first BLANZ Summer Meeting all of the BLANZ Crew is working hard on getting everything ready.
Until now guys from Danes N Dub's, VW Society, and Club Golf Denmark have announced their arrival.
But also our international friends from Flachland WCC, Tiefenrausch,,, GEESTYLED, VeeGeek, and is dropping in...
We're all looking forward to seeing you guys.
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew

Flachland Water & Air
December 5. 2013
After the last really great meeting at the great guys at Flachland Water & Air, we are now entering wintermode. With only the daily-drivers left out in the first snow and the stormy and rainy weather the rest of the cars are hidden in garages all over the southern Denmark.
But were already looking forward to 2014.
In 2014 we are proud to be announcing the first official BLANZ SOCIETY Meeting - BLANZ International 2014.
More info to come.
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew

DHB 2013
April 3. 2013
We are glad to announce that we are attending the largest carshow in Denmark, DHB2013. After some negotiations we have now made a deal with the Metal-Camp. So at this poiint we can promise You an even more insane party than the previous year.
More info to come.
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew

Wörthersee/Faakersee 2013
March 4. 2013
Again this year were joining The Wörthersee Tour. Our previous years we have been located at Some at the Hafnersee Camping and some at Hotel Allesch. But this year we have all agreed to stay together, so we are all this year in Schiefling at Gasthof Bürger. Looking forward
More info to come.
by Madsen|BLANZ Crew